The Best Places to Learn About Bitcoin

Explaining Bitcoin is difficult - It's super complicated and few people truly understand it.

To ease the burden, we've compiled a list of the best places to learn about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wiki (faq)

The Bitcoin Wiki can help you discover answers to all sorts of commonly asked questions. You can find answers to common questions such as "What is Bitcoin?" and "What Are The Best Mining Pools?".

CoinTelegraph (news)

CoinTelegraph covers breaking news stories as well as offering a steady stream of interviews. One of the best parts has to be their awesome custom pictures which accompany each and every story. (faq)

The FAQ is a great resource with answers to questions like "Who created Bitcoin?" and "Is Bitcoin Anonymous?".

Reddit - /r/Bitcoin (community)

/r/Bitcoin is one of the most popular Bitcoin communities around, with opinions from all around the world. Breaking news and ideas are constantly shared but you still need to be wary of trolls.

CoinDesk (news)

CoinDesk is the #1 place for breaking news about Bitcoin and related topics. You may want to subscribe to their awesome newsletter for the latest news straight to your inbox.

BitcoinTalk (community)

BitcoinTalk has to be one of THE oldest Bitcoin communities on the internet. BitcoinTalk may be slightly confusing or even intimidating for newcomers but there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained.

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